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Partner-Provided Services

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MEAG Power’s objective is always to deliver the most cost-efficient wholesale power to our Participants, while at the same time taking full advantage of value-creating margin opportunities to buy or sell power and fuel throughout the Southeast.

These market opportunities are facilitated by ACES,, which has a broad suite of energy risk management and transaction execution services. The company transacts several billion dollars annually on behalf of its 90+ cooperative and public power clients.

ACES provides the hour-to-hour market analysis that enables MEAG Power to constantly evaluate whether market purchases or sales would improve the cost to Participants. For example, when the hourly power markets are below the incremental cost to generate the power, ACES provides the mechanism to take advantage of the market opportunity by reducing our scheduled generation and replacing it with market purchases.

Importantly, the ACES business model allows MEAG Power to only provide financial support for market trading activities related solely to our Participants energy needs, resulting in lower business risk.