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The Energy Authority

MEAG Power’s objective is always to deliver the most cost-efficient wholesale power to our Participants, while at the same time taking full advantage of value-creating margin opportunities to buy or sell power and fuel throughout the Southeast.

These market opportunities are facilitated by The Energy Authority (TEA),, another joint action membership asset. Through TEA, we have access to leading-edge analytics, resources and technology, as well as TEA’s team of experts who monitor and trade the aggregated resources of multiple public power entities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, across the nation. MEAG Power, as a founding member of TEA, recognized that joint action was essential in creating the economies of scale and leverage necessary to successfully extract value from the wholesale marketplace, both energy and natural gas.

TEA provides the hour-to-hour market analysis that allows MEAG Power to constantly evaluate whether market purchases or sales would improve the cost to the Participants. In hours when the hourly power markets are below the incremental cost to generate the power, TEA provides the mechanism to take advantage of these market efficiencies by reducing our scheduled generation and replacing it with market purchases. According to TEA, in 2019 those purchases actually reduced MEAG Power Participant costs by $3 million versus if we had run our own resources to generate that power.

In hours that the hourly market is above the incremental cost to generate, MEAG Power resources can be sold at a margin into the wholesale market. These off-system sales in 2019 generated $2.7 million in margins better than our budget.

MEAG Power also facilitates purchase and sales transactions among members, another way we help balance supply and demand while helping keep Participant costs down.