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While declining in use, coal continues to play a role in MEAG Power’s utilization of its diverse portfolio to ensure the reliable and economical supply of power. In 2021, coal comprised 9% of our delivered energy, up from 2% the prior year as an increase in natural gas prices made coal more economical. MEAG Power’s ownership in coal-fired generation – and on-site fuel storage at coal plants – enhances the security, fuel diversity, reliability and resiliency of our overall power supply.

Plant Scherer Units 1&2

Units 1&2 were operational as of 1982 and 1984, respectively.

Power: COAL (western)

30.2% ownership in Units 1&2

489 MW

Georgia map of plant Scherer location

Plant Wansley Units 1&2

Units 1&2 were operational as of 1976 and 1978, respectively.

Power: COAL (eastern)

15.1% ownership in Units 1&2

261 MW
8 MW additional from Combustion Turbine

Georgia map of plant Wansley location

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