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GA State Capitol

MEAG Power was created as a public power entity by an Act of the Georgia General Assembly on March 18, 1975. Prior relationships with energy providers had left communities vulnerable to supplier’s ratemaking and service delivery. The formation of MEAG Power gave communities an option and enabled local governments to control their energy decision-making. Forty-seven Georgia communities elected to join MEAG Power immediately. The city of Oxford joined in 1986, and Acworth joined in 2002, bringing the total to 49 Participant communities.

Beginning with Project One in 1977, MEAG Power has acquired ownership interest in a generation fleet that now includes co-ownership of two nuclear and two coal-fired generating plants and sole ownership of a natural gas combined cycle facility. MEAG Power is also a co-owner of the new nuclear Plant Vogtle Units 3&4. Unit 3 began commercial operation in 2023, and Unit 4 came online in 2024. It also owns more than 1,300 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and nearly 200 substations.