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Planning, Engineering
& Construction

man on electrical tower ladder


MEAG Power manages the transmission grid and conducts area planning studies to support modifications and additions to the Integrated Transmission System (ITS). These studies ensure adequate system reliability for the Participants’ delivery points and the overall transmission system in Georgia. Planning staff regularly monitor changing federal and local regulations and industry standards in the transmission area and engage with industry groups to promote and protect MEAG Power’s interests and assets.

Engineering and Construction

MEAG Power manages the land acquisition, engineering design and construction of various transmission facilities, including both substations and transmission lines, to serve the specific needs of our 49 Participant communities, as well as the system needs for the ITS. We remain vigilant in meeting these needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Engineering and construction staff interact with ITS participants, various state agencies, and regional organizations such as the SERC Reliability Corporation to create and maintain uniform design standards, policies and procedures, and solutions in other technical matters.