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Spring 2022

Vogtle News


Unit 3 Startup Projected For Early 2023; Unit 4 Startup Approximately 1 Year Later

Progress continues toward Plant Vogtle Unit 3’s planned startup in the first quarter of next year, and Unit 4’s commercial operation beginning approximately one year later. There have been noted delays, but Unit 3 is now 99% complete. It reached the last major milestone before fuel load – hot functional testing – in 2021.


Vogtle Unit 3 Spent Fuel Pool

Recent Unit 3 achievements include the resumption of fuel deliveries, a site security drill completed without issue, Unit 3 site lockdown initial phases underway, and the site focusing on work package and Inspection, Test, Analyses, Acceptance Criteria (ITAAC) completions. Remaining milestones are all ITAAC completions and the 103g filing – the request to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for permission to load fuel, fuel load and commercial operation.


Vogtle Unit 3: 99% Complete

There are several recent achievements and milestones to note for Unit 4, as well, which is now 93% complete. These include: open vessel testing activities have begun, the Unit 4 containment vessel integrated leak rate test has been completed, integrated flush activities are in the final stages, and completion of hydrostatic testing of steam generators. Bulk construction continues, which includes large piping, conduit, cables and auxiliary building walls and floors. Upcoming milestones will be completion of the integrated flush, completion of open vessel testing and secondary system hydrostatic testing. The total project, including both units, is now 96% complete.



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