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Summer 2022

Participant News & Information


BIOLYTE, maker of β€œthe first recovery drink to contain the same amount of electrolytes as an IV bag,” announced that it will relocate to a new warehouse in Marietta, investing $60,000 in the new facility while adding 13 new jobs to its existing 25-person workforce.


Okabashi Brands, Inc., a Buford-based shoe company, will create approximately 340 new jobs as they reinvest in their existing facility making comfort footwear that is 100 percent recyclable and contains on average 25 percent of recycled content.


Procter & Gamble Distributing, LLC, an American multinational consumer goods corporation, is planning to invest $205 million in a new distribution facility in Jackson. This new location for the company will create 350 new jobs in Butts County.


West Point is the proven environment for successful businesses involved with manufacturing, retailing, education, professional services, entrepreneur activity, technology and much more. This city is on the upswing, growing and taking advantage of its regional location, advanced telecommunications and total commitment to community development, redevelopment of the city core and quality of life for everyone.

Vogtle News

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued the 103(g) finding for Unit 3, signifying its readiness to load fuel and begin the startup sequence for commercial operation, slated for the first quarter of 2023.

Progress Report

Unit 3


Unit 4


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MEAG Power Delivered Energy

  • 53% Nuclear
  • 6% Hydro
  • 18% Gas
  • 15% Coal
  • 8% Net Purchases

59% Non-Emitting*

*12-month rolling average, as of July 2022

Solar News

We will use this space to provide solar initiative updates as they occur. Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act (see the IRA article in this issue) require careful consideration before moving forward with the initiative.

Pineview Solar Farm Fast Facts:

  • 600 acres
  • 260,000 solar modules
  • 80 MW power output

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